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Converse by John Varvatos Spring 2012 Sneaker Collection

Converse continues their long-term partnership with designer John Varvatos. For Spring 2012 the latest footwear line-up includes the Chuck Taylor All Star, Pro Leather, Star Player and Sprint Grip. As usual the sneakers come with premium leather and canvas, all featuring a nice used effect that adds to the signature Varvatos look.

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The Ladies Love the Men in Specs!

Male spectacle wearers are considered up to 75% more attractive to the opposite sex, according to new research.

The study reported that 100% of the models used were considered to be more attractive, more employable, more trustworthy and more intelligent when wearing spectacles.

Researchers presented participants with photographs of five people, both with and without glasses on and asked them to rate the people on a number of traits.

Women rated men on average 38% more attractive and 35% more intelligent when wearing spectacles.

Colin Firth wearing Tom Ford Eyewear (taken from a Single Man – directed by Tom Ford)
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Smart New Nike Running ‘Park Bench’ Campaign

A smart new Nike Running campaign. While the Nike Running logo has been placed on the upper part of the park benches, the actual park bench bottoms have been removed.

Be Bop Glasses: For Style Only!

Who knew that glasses were such a cool fashion item? But they are! You can be a real hep cat – albeit one with astigmatism or near-sightedness – in these boss Be Bop glasses from 1950.

In Chicago they were curing drunkenness with a medicine called Alcorem (with free Pinkies! whatever they were, when you ordered NOW – check out the ad on the left). But over on the east coast, people were busy dancing up a storm. Too bad they all kept stumbling and bumping into each other.

That must have started happening a lot around 1950 – it would explain the need for Be Bop Glasses, right?

However, please note that there were two rival Be Bop Glasses makers: Herman Optical in Newark and Gold Medal Products in Brooklyn. In Newark you got De Luxe glasses with gold glitter. But in Brooklyn you could be a celebrity! Or pretend you were in college. Or just go for a Medium Bop – which is not a bad thing, really. Not too much, not too little. But some bop in your life, yes. A medium amount.



Style Forum Special from Music Guy on Vimeo.

Interesting documentary about Tom Ford.


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